Interested in changing your instructional model?
Interested in changing your instructional model?
Changing Your Instructional Model
Families have chosen in-person or remote learning for the 2020-2021 school year, and they do have the option to change their student's instructional model.
Switching from In-Person to Remote Learning
Families are able to switch from in-person to remote learning at any point during the school year. In order to make this change, please contact the campus counselor.
Switching from Remote to In-Person Learning
Families that are wishing to change from remote to in-person learning may only do so at the end of a grading period. For families that wish to change at the end of the current grading period, beginning on September 20 you may log in to Skyward Family Access and complete the changing instructional models form. The campus must receive the completed form before the end of day on October 2.
Instructions on where to find the form and how to complete it can be found here. A schedule of when this change can be made can be made for other grading periods can found here.
If you have any questions regarding the timing of when parents may change the instructional model selected, or the associated process, please contact your campus counselor, Amy Bouchelle ( or Lynn Brizzi (