Colleyville Middle School Student Resource Officer

I have been employed with the Colleyville Police Department for 15 years and this is my 12th school year here at CMS. While I am at CMS most of my time, I do also cover Bransford, Colleyville and Liberty Elementary schools, VISTA and help with Bridges. Should you have a concern, complaint, or compliment regarding any of these schools, please feel free to contact me. My information can be found at the bottom of this page. I graduated from Colleyville Heritage and went on to attend both Mississippi State University and TCU. I played soccer at both universities (2 years at each)…I now coach the girl's soccer team here at CMS! I am married to another police officer and we have two boys and two dogs. I enjoy anything sports-related, especially the Dallas Stars and Dallas Cowboys!  


Amy Beregszaszy
[email protected]