Welcome to Colleyville Middle School Attendance
 My name is Amy Edgell

If a student is absent from school, parents are asked to email or call Attendance each day at (817) 305-4904 to report the student’s name and reason for the absence (personal or illness).  Please do not leave attendance related voicemails on the main school phone number (817) 305-4900.  

I often receive several incoming calls simultaneously, so if you do not reach me, please leave a detailed voicemail message at (817) 305-4904.  Do not call the main office asking to leave a message.  I will receive the voicemail and process it in a timely manner.  If easier for you, please email me at amy.edgell@gcisd.net to inform me of the absence and that email will be used as a parent note.  If your student is absent and I do not hear from you, an automated telephone call will inform you of your student’s absence.  If you receive an automated telephone call that your student was marked absent in class and feel this was done in error, please have your student talk/email the teacher about the absence.

If a parent does not call or email regarding the absence, please send a note to Attendance the day your student returns to school.  If no contact is made, the student will have an unexcused absence.

Please remember to send in doctor notes to Attendance for any absences due to medical related visits.  If your student does not bring the doctor note to school, you may also email it or send it via fax (817) 498-9764.

District generated attendance letters are sent out on a regular basis.  These letters are required by state law in order to make parents aware of unexcused absences/tardies on the student’s attendance record.

Parents must come into the school to check their student out at Attendance.  Anyone picking up a student must be on the Skyward Family/Emergency List before signing out a student.  Please have your driver’s license with you as you may be asked to provide identification.  Please allow us plenty of time to locate your student as students in Athletics or lunch may take longer to come to Attendance quickly.  You may send in a note or call ahead to let me know what time you will be here to pick up your student.


Classroom instruction begins at 8:10.  That means students are considered late if they are not in their classroom at 8:10.  If you are dropping your student off to school after 8:10, please bring them to the front of the school (bus entrance) so they can receive a Late/Tardy Slip at Attendance.  Students are considered unexcused if they arrive after 8:25 without a doctor/parent note explaining illness.  Lateness due to missing the bus, oversleeping, traffic, car trouble, weather related, travel, etc. are unexcused.

Parents do not need to accompany their student into the building if they have sent their student in with a doctor/parent note in hand, or have called Attendance to report the late arrival.

Classes will not be interrupted and students will not be called down to pick up items during class.  We have a Student Pick Up shelf directly across from the Attendance window where parents may leave items for their student to pick up between classes.  If a parent is bringing a laptop, however, please leave it with me at the Attendance window.  It will be the responsibility of parents and students to communicate should there be a need.  Students are permitted to use their cell phones during passing periods and lunch.

Attendance will not be responsible for items left on the Student Pick Up shelf and cannot guarantee your student will come pick up messages or deliveries.  It is the student’s responsibility to pick up items during passing periods.  Instruction time is valuable and will not be interrupted for personal reasons.  The Attendance office will only handle messages pertaining to the dismissal of a student from school.