Registration & Withdrawals

Updated: February 15, 2023

On this page you will find:
Student Transfer Information Drivers Education – VOE Requests

Moving over the summer procedure

Returning GCISD Student Registration

New Student Registration/Enrollment

Student Transfer Information:

Student Transfer Information click HERE
Transfer Request FAQs click HERE
The student transfer window will open for the 2023-2024 requests
during the following dates:
March 20 at 8 a.m. and it will close on March 31 at 4 p.m. 
July 10 at 8 a.m. and it will close on July 14 at 4 p.m.

IMPORTANT:  If you receive the Transfer Approval email granting your student a spot at CMS, please forward that email to the current Data-Clerk, Heather Ingram, [email protected], and CC [email protected]. State that your student is accepting the transfer. That will officially claim your spot here at CMS. If a parent does not forward the Approved Transfer email, it is assumed they have made other arrangements and decline the transfer.  
   If your student is new to GCISD, then after forwarding the Approved Transfer email, you must complete the New Student Registration. (See the New to GCISD Student Registration Below.


Drivers Education – VOEs Needed

Please have your student come by the main office no later than May 22th to pick-up the required form.



Moving during the Summer Break?

If you move out of the GCISD district attendance zone…

1st: Please fill-out and submit the Summer Withdrawal google form HERE.


2nd: Drop off your device & charger as well as any other school 

issued items to the District offices. 

*** Please be Aware: That technology, and similar items are the property of the district and are provided for student use as a matter of convenience. District property must be returned upon your student’s withdrawal from GCISD. In the event that a device is not returned as described, GCISD will report the device as stolen to the local police department.

If you move but are still in the GCISD attendance zone, please contact our 

Skyward team by submitting a help ticket HERE

Please include the new address and attach the 2 documents listed below.

1: Current Lease, Mortgage or TAD statement

2: Current Utility Bill

Returning GCISD Student Registration

Please watch for District and Campus communication, as well as our newsletter for the 23/24 Returning Student Registration dates.
Current GCISD students will need to complete the Returning Student Registration via your existing Skyward Family Access.

Click HERE to begin registering your current GCISD student. 


New to GCISD Student Registration for the 2022-23 School Year

GCISD has not opened the 23/24 New Enrollment Window yet.

Students entering GCISD need to complete the enrollment forms in Skyward and must be done prior to a student starting school. To make the registration process faster and more streamlined families upload the required documents directly into Skyward. Below is the list of documents we will need to complete registration. The Skyward system will walk you through the process, there is also a video link below to help you with this.

It is a parent's responsibility to provide the necessary paperwork/documentation to complete registration and enrollment. Failure to do so could cause a delay in the students Registration, Enrollment, Scheduling &/or Start Date.


Please upload the following documentation into Skyward:


~ CURRENT Lease, Mortgage, or TAD statement

~ CURRENT Utility bill with physical address – post office boxes are not accepted

~ Parent/Guardian’s Government issued photo identification


~ Vaccination Records – Please verify requirements. Incomplete shot records could hold up the student’s registration. (See below)

~ Birth Certificate

~ Social Security Card

~ Last or most recent Report Card: The Counselors need to see what classes and

    programs a student has taken or completed to help make the transition seamless.


If you are unable to upload the required documents, you can email them to the campus Student Data Coordinator, and they will attach them to the student’s enrollment application for you.


~~We must have these documents to complete 

Registration & Enrollment~~


** If the student is coming from outside of Texas, Private school or Home School 

you will need to double check that their immunizations are current. 

Incomplete shot records could hold up the student’s start date.

Click HERE for Student Immunizations Requirements


Registration Starts HERE   

Under the “Getting Started” heading; click on the "Click Here" words 

to begin the registration process.


Course Enrollment & Choices:

Once the student’s registration application has been verified and approved you will receive an email with course descriptions and instructions for course enrollment. 

The Academic Counselors will take things from there.




Enrolling/Registering online through Skyward Family Access (Video) HERE

Accessing Grades in Skyward (Video) HERE

Skyward Family & Student Access Help (GCISD Website) HERE


Back to school Tools (GCISD Website) HERE

Athletics ~ Bus Information ~ Calendars ~ Curriculum ~ Nutrition Services ~ Student Code of Conduct
~ Parent Handbook ~ Student Insurance ~
Volunteer Background Check

My School Bucks (GCISD Website) HERE

A convenient way to access meal balances, purchases, and make 

payments right from your computer or phone.



Skyward New Student Custom Forms Tips:

All 22/23 Custom Forms Must Be Filled Out Completely, E-Signed & Dated

Watch Out for This Form in Particular

Student Directory Information Form

Please read each question carefully.  

These 2 questions often get reversed & then the student get left out of the yearbook.


#2: Is asking permission for your student to be in the yearbook & local publications such as the Newsletter & the Achievements boards on site. 


#3: Is asking permission for your student to be included on District sponsored social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook & others used by the District & Campuses.