Do you want to be a PAL?

OCDE - Peer Assistance Leadership

How to apply:

March 1st-5th: Pal Nominations
This is a process where you, your peers, and your teachers will have the chance to nominate you as a PAL.
- Pal Nominations are based off a point system: self-nomination (1 pt.) Peer nomination (2 pts.) Teacher nominations (5 pts.)
-The top 40 students with the highest total number of points will move on to the application process for the course. 

TEACHER-NOMINATIONS: These will be sent out to the CMS staff.

Tuesday, March 9th: I will be posting a list here of all eligible applicants.

March 9th-19th
Congratulations for making it to the 2nd step of the PALS application process! 

Click Here to access thePAL APPLICATION

-Reminder: Completing this application does not guarantee that you will make the course. All applications will be viewed to make the final decision. Also, be sure to submit your application by March 19th! ( All late application will be considered invalid.)

April 9th: PAL RESULTS!
An email will be sent out to all applicants who are accepted into the program. I appreciate everyone for applying and wish you the best of luck!

Pals Advisor Contact
Lindy Morris

[email protected]