What does Pal's stand for?
Pal: Peer Assistance & Leadership
What is PALs Mission Statement?
The mission of a PAL Peer Assistance and Leadership program is to enable young people to use their potential to make a difference in their lives, schools and communities.
What does a Pal do?
Here at CMS the Pals work in a variety of different aspects of our school and community. Key projects they work on throughout the year include:
*Red Ribbon Week
*Colt Camp
*New Student Orientations
*mAAgic Flight
*Special Olympics
*Colleyville Elementary School PALee's Program
*Seven Habits Workshop
*Community Service Project
*Teacher Helpers
*Lunch Bunch Mentor program
How do I become a Pal?
The selection process to become a Pal will begin in April of each school year.
*The selection process that we follow is what is outlined in "The Pal Services/WAP, Inc" Teachers Manual & approved by TEA.
It includes:
Step One: Nominations (Self, Peer & Teacher) & Application Part One
Step Two: Potential Candidate Screening
Step Three: Application Part Two
Step Four: Interviews
If I don't know if I will make it into Pals, what do I register for during course selection?
Since you will not know if you made it into Pals until late April, go ahead an register for different electives. If you are selected as a final Pal, you will meet with the counselors to change your schedule.