I hope your summer is going well!  Please make sure that ALL required paperwork for Athletics is ready to go by August 15th!

Please don't mail your Physical!!  Just bring it to registration or our equipment pickup on August 16th. But if you could get the online paperwork done in the mean time would be great!
Below are the instructions or you may print out the attachment.  Please make sure to follow the online portion step by step!!!
REMEMBER:   If your student is participating in Athletics, Cheer, or Dance this school year, they must complete several items before they are allowed to participate in any way.  This includes Open Gyms, clinics, tryouts, etc. once August 1st arrives.

The first is the UIL Athletic Physical.  (There is a copy attached).  This form must be dated AFTER  April 1, 2018 in order to be valid for the 2018-2019 school year.  You must fill out and sign the "Medical History" side and then have the actual physical evaluation portion completed, signed, and DATED by a licensed medical physician.  This can be your family doctor or you may utilize a clinic such as CareNow.
The second part of the required paperwork that is due prior to participation is a series of ONLINE Forms.  Please follow these steps in order to complete this process.  You will need to know your student's ID number in order to login.  If you are a new student or have trouble logging in, please email me along with the ID number and I can sort it out for you.
2.  After reading through the introduction, click on "Start Online Forms" at the bottom of the page.
3. You will be directed to a page for "Permission, Release, & Contact".  Make sure you login at the TOP of the page!!  Failure to login will not save any information and you will have to start over.
4. The next page is titled "UIL Forms Signature Page".  Please note that there are 4 different boxes that  you must check and agree to. 
5. You must open each of those individual forms and complete it prior to simply checking the box.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted.  You must do this for each of the 4 boxes.
6. The final page is the "Insurance Information Form".  This is optional, but if you have the information readily available, please complete and submit in the event we should need it.
Once all items under the Electronic forms are completed, you will be done.  You do not need to upload the Medical History and Physical.  We must receive a hard copy in our office and will upload it once we have reviewed it.
Again, this must all be completed prior to participation in August!!  I encourage you to please do this NOW so that your student does not miss out on anything.  

I will be sending out more specific reminders throughout the summer after everyone has had a chance to take care of some of the online forms to let you know what, if anything, you are missing!  
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you now for your diligence in getting everything completed in advance!
Coach Clary

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18 -19 Girls Athletic Information Presentation

Girls Athletics Coordinator
Sean Clary

2018-19 Coaching Staff
Leslie Spaeny, Kim Haley, Stephanie Vandendyck, and Kelsey Schmidt

Cross Country
Track and Field

Girls Athletics Year at a Glance
Below is a calendar showing a rough estimate of when you can expect sports to begin and end. 

Girls Athletic Wear Information PDF

Below is the link to the online store for apparel orders.
Stores open on August 10th and run through August 27th. Orders will be delivered approximately 4 weeks from the 27th. Until then, you may wear a plain gray shirt and plain black shorts.

Uniforms for Girls here! - Gray shirt and blue shorts.

Athletic Uniform Requirements 

Required: grey shirt and royal blue shorts.
The grey shirt can either be the t-shirt or dri fit shirt. The royal blue shorts can be the shorter or longer version. Different styles were included for preference.

Required: royal blue or grey sweat top and bottom.
These are worn during colder months. A sweats order will be placed during fall semester. You can order now or you can wait until the fall order.

Optional Items
Spandex are optional. Spandex may only be worn during volleyball practice for A, B, C, and PDL teams. Spandex may not be worn during any other sport. Royal blue shorts must be worn over spandex when female athletes are not practicing in the gym or not in competition play.
Knee pads and the volleyball shoes are optional. They were included for convenience.

Injury and Insurance
IF your child is hurt during a practice or competition, you should print of the following attachment for the secondary school insurance.